The GlassSmith offers a comprehensive glazing service and can repair everything from a small broken window to a full shop-front. We will advise you on what type of glass is appropriate for each installation.

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We are FENSA registered uPVC installers. Windows and doors can be supplied and fitted to meet current regulations in double or even triple-glazing. uPVC is durable and low maintenance and is now available powder-coated in a range of colours.
We can also provide replacement handles and other parts for existing uPVC units.
Can you replace single glass with a double glazed unit?
This depends on the thickness of the frames but in many cases it can be achieved by altering the mouldings that hold the glass in place.

Can you repair a misted double glazed unit?
It is possible to split apart the existing unit and re-seal it, but often the glass will be stained. It is best to replace the unit with new glass, and there is little difference in cost.

Can you fit catflaps and vents?
We can cut a hole into an existing single glazed window for a catflap or vent. However, it is not possible to cut a hole into toughened glass or any double glazed unit. A new sheet of toughened glass or double glazed unit can be manufactured with the required opening.

What is Safety Glass?
There are two types of safety glass:

Laminated Safety Glass is two pieces of glass laminated together with a sheet of plastic in the middle. If this glass breaks it will crack but still hold together attached to the plastic. This is the glass used for shopfronts and doors.

Toughened Glass is heated to extremely high temperatures then cooled very quickly. This process makes the glass 4-5 times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness. This is often used in shower screens, balustrading, glass table tops, and shelving & glazing where safety glass is required. If broken, this glass will shatter into many small pieces that are relatively safe.
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